Thank you

To begin, we want to thank the people of Torrox and all the PERSONS who have supported us during the first years of walking and have helped us to be what we are. What’s more, we probably wouldn’t have gotten where we are without the help of all those anonymous PERSONS who encouraged us all these months.

In addition, we also want to thank all our students for their attendance and confidence in school, especially when we start. It is certainly worth assessing that there are PERSONS who place their trust in us without knowing us, even more, when we had just opened our doors.

Therefore, for us the most remarkable thing of this first year of Malagalingo is, above all, the support received from all the PERSONS who went through the school, from teachers to students and also anonymous PERSONS who without any self-interest have given us their help unselfishly.

As a result of all that support and confidence, today Malagalingo is a consolidated and reputed school that can be presented as one of the best options to study Spanish in Malaga.

However, just as we have started until now, we commit ourselves to continue putting our greatest effort and enthusiasm day by day to continue constantly improving and thus respond to all this help and support received.

Finally, we encourage everyone to come to be part of our small family always growing. We can assure you that you will find not only the best formation but also a small community where you will feel clothed and have fun while learning Spanish with us.