Malagalingo Onsite

Recreational activities

Malagalingo offers a wide variety of extra activities throughout the year that complement our Spanish courses, such as:

  • welcome reception
  • visit to the town of Torrox
  • Spanish short films and films with subsequent debate
  • presentations and cultural exhibitions
  • tapas tour
  • cooking classes
  • flamenco dance classes and Latin dances
  • yoga classes
  • excursions and trips to other villages and emblematic places around.

We know that learning a language is not reduced to what is learned in the classroom, so we invite you to know and explore our culture and way of life after school with the various activities that we have available throughout the year.

The activities vary throughout the year to also adapt to the cultural offer that our community presents at all times.

You can find out about the activities that will take place on the dates that interest you, upon your arrival at the school or beforehand, by contacting us.

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